• अजात - Ajaat - Casteless
    Documentary / 2016 / INDIA / Producer

    A documentary about the experiences of people who belong to अजात (caste-less) community in Amravati district of Maharashtra, India.

  • मास्तर - Maastar - Teacher
    Short Film / 2015 / INDIA / Producer

    An experimental, hyperlink drama touching upon the themes of longings, alienation, social pressure and existential crisis.

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  • Patiently Waiting
    Music Video / 2019 / USA / Director, Editor

    Performance music video for Fuzzy Britches' single Patiently Waiting, written, composed & performed by Mario Alexander Khoury.

  • Exchange
    Short Film / 2019 / USA / Producer

    LGBTQ romance drama shot in New York.
    Javier—an agoraphobe and germaphobe, prepares for his first Grindr hookup since his HIV diagnosis.

  • Three Missing Letters
    Documentary / '20 / USA / Associate Producer

    An experimental documentary drawing on epistolary narratives set at the border between India & China, speculating contents of lost letters in 1934.

    Three Missing Letters.jpg
  • Secret Service
    Short Film / 2020 / USA / Associate Producer

    Satirical horror comedy shot in New York.
    Three women bring back the spirit of dead President, and in process encounter an unexpected conclusion.

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  • Parenthood
    Short Film / 2020 / USA / Associate Producer

    Satirical comedy, shot over Zoom during Lockdowns.
    Two young parents separated unexpectedly, try to plan the best birthday party for their inanimate child.

  • The Product
    Short Film / 2020 / USA / Associate Producer

    Satirical comedy, shot over Zoom during Lockdowns.
    Chaos ensue as the testing group participants discuss their experience of using The Product, over Zoom.

    THE PRODUCT 1 21 21 - PORTRAIT.png
  • Please Hold
    Short Film / 2020 / USA / Associate Producer

    An absurd drama, shot over Zoom during Lockdowns.
    In a not too distant future, a customer service operator is given a chance of a lifetime to escape the cycle.

    Please Hold.jpg
    Short Film / 2021 / INDIA / Exec. Producer

    'Weekend' showcases four friends in a society shackled by the chains of caste, class and gender biases, as they express their struggles & identity within the system.

    Short Film / 2017 / INDIA / Actor

    Through the lens of a millennial couple's break-up, INGRAINED explores how the society instills certain biases in us, the ones that we say we condemn.

  • T.Y.
    Short Film / 2016 / INDIA / Actor

    Horror drama about Female Feticide, shot in Pune.
    A testimonial sticky note follows a seemingly innocent Doctor, bringing back his dark past.

  • Swachh Bharat for Your Children
    Short Film / 2015 / INDIA / Actor

    Awareness video about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

    An emotional and inspiring request on the most urgent issue of our times: Cleanliness.