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wake up fist.png

Surreal one-minute film, open to judgements.
Written & directed by me.


I actually wanted to name this one-minute film as 'Untitled' to emphasize upon its open-to-interpretations nature, but I also wanted to avoid confusions about the unique identity of this situation.

I think this dilemma sums up the core feeling of the film. While we are all much well informed now, the questions about the nuisance of this information have started to arise.

Wake Up Call is not endorsing any certain attitude, but just portraying a certain moment and feeling we continually feel in this day & age.

The film can be watched at:

wake up harsh.png

Monthly Category Winner at Berlin Flash Film Festival

Honorable Mention at Virgin Spring Cinefest

Semi Finalist at 60 Second International Film Festival
Semi Finalist
at Jersey Shore Film Festival

Semi Finalist at Alternative Film Festival (Nominated for Best Cinematography)

Official Selection at 300 Seconds Short Film Festival

Official Selection at Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Official Selection at Bowery Film Festival: Special Edition

Official Selection at Cardora Film Festival
Official Selection
at Minute Madness Toronto

Official Selection at Bowery Film Festival

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